Permet or Permets? Don't make the mistake again!

What is the correct conjugation of the verb "permettre" in the first person present indicative?

Should I write "je permets" or "je permet"?

What happens if we add the complement pronoun "me"?

Should I write "je me permets" or "je me permet"?

What to choose between Permits and Permets

Nature of the verb "to allow

It's a 3rd group verb (it doesn't end in ER like those in the first group, nor in IR like those in the second group).

Present tense conjugation of the verb to allow

I allows,

You enables,

He/She/We allow,

We allow it,

Allow me,

He/She/We allow,

They make it possible.

"I allow" is definitely an unacceptable spelling error!

But to write "This allows me to tell you..." is quite the opposite. allowed!

Enabling is direct transitive verb, i.e. it can directly introduce a direct object complement.

"I allow something.

It conjugates with the auxiliary avoir I allowed him to come back to us" (past tense example).

Enabling is indirect transitive verb when it introduces an indirect object complement (IOC), as in "I allowed him to call on me in case of need", which means "I allowed this gentleman or lady...".

The personal pronoun "me" makes the word allow a pronominal verb. But that doesn't change its conjugation.

It conjugates with the auxiliary to be : "I allowed myself".

How do you use "permets" in a cover letter?

For example:

  • "Dear Sir/Madam, I'm sending you my CV after discovering your recruitment ad..."
  • "Sir, I would like to send you my application for the position of Sales Manager..."

Note that if you "allow yourself" to do something (like you allowed yourself to go out during the COVID period), you might as well be direct and say "Madam, sir, I'm sending you my CV...".

It's straightforward and will save you a needless spelling mistake!

The pronominal form "Je me suis permis" is often a source of errors.

  • "Did I allow myself or did I allow myself?"

Even if you're a woman, you'll say "I took the liberty of sending you my CV...".

Why is this? A little grammatical analysis is in order.

You mustn't give in to the urge to agree in gender and number with the subject. This is a mistake, because in this sentence, "me" is an indirect object complement, so "allowed" remains invariable.

Which verbs are conjugated like allow?

















but also :



step down







pass on

Licence or Permise?

Past participle of the verb to allow

Permis, permise (granted in the feminine singular) or permises (in the feminine plural) are the only correct forms.

For example: "the outings I allowed myself were very pleasant".

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Key points to remember from this article

This article entitled "Permet ou Permets? Ne faites plus la faute!" explains the correct conjugation of the verb "permettre" in the first person present indicative. The correct form is "I allow".. The article points out that "I allow" is a spelling error. He also explains that the complement pronoun "me" does not change the conjugation of the verb. The verb "allow" can be used directly with a direct object complement or indirectly with an indirect object complement. The article gives examples of use in a cover letter and presents other verbs that conjugate in the same way as "permettre". Finally, it explains the agreement of the past participle of the verb "to allow".

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