Postuler à or postuler pour, poser sa candidature

In its most common usage, where "to postulate" means "to solicit strongly", this verb is transitive direct. As the Académie française reminds us, Apply to, apply for Académie françaiseWe're applying for a job, a position. So why do we often hear "apply for"?

How do I use the verb to apply?

Apply for the position, apply for the position, apply for the position
The different ways of applying for jobs over the past 100 years!

Perhaps it's a misuse of language to write "Je postule à la banque" to mean, for example, "Je postule [le poste de directeur] à la banque" or "à Paris", or "en France..." to say that you're applying for the position of director. This is abuse It's even more difficult to "apply [to the bank] as a manager" or "apply for the position of manager"... So is it possible to "apply" at all when it comes to offering your services? application ?

No! The intransitive use of this verb (without an object complement) is reserved for the vocabulary of law, where it means, according to Littré, "To do all the procedures in a case, speaking of certain ministerial officers whose exclusive right it is."

The lesson of use and alternatives to postulate

It's true that incorrect usage has become increasingly common, at least in French literature since the 20th century, but there's nothing to stop us making good use of apply for the job to compete for the coveted position wherever it may be!

Our advice for "applying

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If you're not comfortable with the use of postulate, simply prefer another expression:

- apply for the position ;

- to apply ;

- run for the position of.

How do you say apply?

In all cases, avoid using "apply" or "postuler" to say that you've applied for a job without specifying which position you're aiming for. The transitive use of the verb implies that you specify the position sought. Simply say that you have applied or applied to apply: I've applied, I've put my name forward.

Finally, in a letter, you can specify in the subject line : "application for the position of....

Get help to "apply"!

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