"C’est abusé" or "C'est abuser".

In the expression "C'est abuser!", we very often see the past participle "abusé" replacing the infinitive "abuser". Yes, of course, if the expression is used to refer to a situation where you feel you've been had, you wouldn't say you've been had, would you?

Is it abuse or is it abuse? Avoid abusive language!

To avoid making a mistake, simply replace abuser with an expression that makes it easier to understand the situation in which you find yourself: if it's abusive to ask for 20 euros to go to the cinema, is to take people for fools than to believe they'll go.

Tip: replace abuser with a verb from the 2nd or 3rd group. It's obvious that nobody will think of using the past participle with finir or mentir.

It would be a lie to say otherwise...

So.., we never write 20 euros for a cinema ticket, it's abused. " Because we never write :

"20 euros for a cinema ticket, that's taking people for idiots". Understand? And if you don't UNDERSTAND, I can't DO anything for you!

Is it too much?

As you can see, to write such a thing is an abuse!

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