I dreamt of my perfect cv

Writing the perfect CV

If you are looking for a job or an internship, you must write a CV to apply for a job and start looking for the ideal CV example for your job applications.

Yes, who hasn't dreamed of the Perfect CVDo you need a free PDF CV that gets you in front of recruiters the first time? The one that leads to a job interview for sure!

If you think you can do without a word processor and that an online service to create a good CV is the miracle cure, it's time to wake up! Especially if you think that a professionally designed CV is the only way to boost your application! There's no one ideal type of CV. A downloadable CV, even with an elegant design, won't be enough to convince a recruiter. Behind the form, the recruiter will detect the imposture of ready-made phrases found on the Internet!

The benefits of using a CV or cover letter generator

Similarly, using a cover letter generator if you're short of inspiration is a bad idea. If you do, you risk missing out on an opportunity and, above all, losing credibility with potential employers.

Your career path is unique, and so is your CV. And the best "CV generator" is you!

To make an original CV and stand out from the crowd, break away from CV templates! Stick to the usual headings, but adapt them, even if you're not a professional CV writer.

Whatever happens, it's essentially your life's journey (literally résumé in Latin), your skills acquired during your training, your professional experience and your ability to project yourself into a new position will make all the difference. Not the CV templates to download!

Forget ready-made cover letter templates

Why would you use any cover letter when you can draw your inspiration from the original, which is often attributed to Leonardo da Vinci! It was by carefully studying the needs expressed by his future employer that he was able to project himself into their collaboration. Starting with a fill-in-the-blank CV wouldn't have helped.

And it was his ability to innovate that set him apart from the other candidates.

I'm sure you'll agree that a ready-made CV or cover letter template (!) isn't going to tell you what you can bring to the company, or why you're applying.

Your professional objective is also very personal, as it expresses who you are, what you know how to do and what you can do for the company you're applying for. You won't find any of this in "CV templates", and even less in free CV templates!

We advise you to write your CV and cover letter according to the position you are applying for. If you're applying spontaneously, or for your first job, make sure you know what your next employer needs. Then have your friends and family read the job advertisement. If they recognize your original personality in this application, you can polish the background with a professional proofreading and correction services. Finally, it's time for the layout, which you'll take care of just as much as the rest.

What about your LinkedIn profile?

The social network will give you a much more effective CV than the classic paper one. It's an exceptional showcase where you can list your professional experience in chronological order. For recruiters, you can integrate the keyword search database. An English CV will give you international exposure - great ways to develop your employability!

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