Which software is best for writing CVs and cover letters?

A LinkedIn profile is useful for job hunting, but it's no substitute for a resume template. If you're wondering how to put a CV on LinkedIn, make sure you create one first. Preferably a good-looking one! An Internet CV is not enough. If you want to land a job or your first job, you need to attract attention.

How to write a powerful CV

How do you write your cover letter?

After having worked on the content of your CVto format it, or better still, to lay it out.

When choosing CV layout software, make sure you comply with the recruiter's instructions, who may require you to send the CV or the cover letter in a particular form.

Now you can create a free online CV with Canva. PowerPoint CVs are also becoming increasingly popular. However, the "Design CV" is not mandatory if you're not a creative person. It can be a reflection of your creativity and, above all, useful for standing out from the crowd and getting a job interview.

Modern or classic CV for a professional resume

Whichever format you choose, the CV examples you select should reflect your personality and style. line of business. There's no one type of CV that's ideal for finding a job. Take a look at the CV models or templates available in MS-word, for example.

    • If you choose to work with a DTP or "graphic design" professional, before entrusting your text to him or her, do not hesitate to proofread and corrected by someone with impeccable writing skills before you apply! You can also use a CV and cover letter proofreading service to check spelling. This will save you the hassle of going back and forth with the person in charge of the layout.
    • If you don't entrust this operation to a professional, then use your usual word processor, which will enable you to keep control of the situation. Don't overuse icons either, and stick to one or two fonts maximum! Think of the recruiters and leave a little air between paragraphs and headings. Be careful with colors if you haven't mastered them. Stick to black and white. Finally, underline key words.
    • Remember to keep your career path in chronological order so as not to scare off your future employer, and make sure it's easy to understand.

In any case, for a good CV, you'll need to respect typographical conventions, avoid abusive use of capital letters, justify texts correctly and follow the elementary rules of punctuation. This is what will make your curriculum vitae a pleasant document to read, if not an original one.

Which word processor to choose?

Today, there are two types of word processor. These are generally integrated into office suites such as Microsoft Office. These suites now come in an offline version, which runs on a workstation that is not necessarily connected to the Internet, and an equivalent connected version known as "online". These "online" versions, such as Microsoft Word, often feature a collaborative mode that enables several people to work on the same document. This is a major advantage, as all you have to do is share the file to have it proofread and corrected by the person of your choice.

Resume in PDF or Word?

Whatever word-processing software you choose, you must avoid sending your document in a native format, i.e. the basic format of the page-layout software. These include Word (.doc, docx), Google Docs, QuarkXpress, Indesign or Photoshop, which allow anyone to modify the document they send, provided they have a version available.

A target format, on the other hand, is intended for faithful reproduction of the document without allowing subsequent modification.


In the absence of instructions from the recruiter, it seems reasonable to send your production in PDF format.

Sending a CV in native format, with a few exceptions, means taking the risk that it can't be opened! With a PDF CV, you can be sure that your formatting will be preserved. And be sure to edit the name of the file you will use for your application. This is an integral part of the Perfect CV you can do without a CV template.

"Why not a Word format CV?"

If you send your Word CV as it is, and the recipient opens it in another editor, such as OpenOffice, the many hours you've spent polishing the formatting may be wasted. Remember, too, that a ".doc" file can be a vector for viruses, and may be blocked by anti-virus software. It could just as easily be modified by a clumsy HR.

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