Proofreading and correction of French CVs



How to correct your CV?

Avoiding fatal errors and typos

Treat yourself to professional CV proofreading and correction services! Try to attract an employer's attention, but don't give them the opportunity to have a heart attack or sacrifice yourself on the altar of sacrosanct spelling at the same time!

While most recruiters don't have the spelling skills to pass the Voltaire test, the fact remains that your prose is likely to have more spelling mistakes than the average. If you're looking for inspiration, you may have found a CV template you can download.

Once you've followed our writing tips, you can entrust the proofreading of your CV to a professional writer: the proofreaders, editors and public writers who work for us (and especially for you) are your guarantee of quality service!

Are you putting your CV on the Internet?

It's true that the trend of posting your CV on Twitter like a bottle in the sea is exploding. All the more reason, then, to have it checked and corrected. Once you've proofread your CV, download it as a PDF and start clicking!

What is CV correction in French?

Although the text of a CV calls for a rather telegraphic style, especially if the CV fits on a single page, here's what our proofreaders will check:

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Syntax

  • Verb conjugation

  • Concordance of tenses

  • Punctuation

  • Typography

They will also check :

  • Language level

  • Overuse of acronyms

  • Simple turns of phrase

  • The presence of keywords corresponding to the targeted job offer

  • Overall legibility and coherence

The recruiter's checklist for a perfect CV

Our proofreader will check that your curriculum vitae includes the usual headings:

  • Civil status

  • Training and qualifications

  • Professional experience

  • Professional skills and competencies

  • Soft skills

  • Portfolio for a creative person

  • Foreign languages section

  • Career objective

  • Leisure and interests

These headings normally appear on any simple CV template, including the free ones. Every good candidate who writes a CV aspires to apply for their dream job and land a job interview. He won't deviate from this checklist... at the risk of standing out from the crowd.

Value-added proofreading and correction!

At CVsansfaute, we're interested in your sector of activity:

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Engineering

  • IT

  • Industry

  • Search

  • Digital professions

Resume correction in substance

Your personality and achievements are your strengths. Except for a first job, they must be reflected in a coherent career path.

We check that your application matches your LinkedIn profile.

Resume form correction

Our proofreaders will make sure that the style is harmonious and the design sober.

  • If there is a passport photo, it must show you in the best light.

  • There must be a limited number of fonts

  • The layout must be harmonious

  • There can't be too many icons

How does the correction work?

  • Send us your CV in word-processor format (e.g. Word or other editable format).

  • We insert the corrections and send you back the corrected file, plus a file in Pdf format.

In the specific case of a Word CV, we also provide a file with tracked changes.

If you need to fill in a CV on Canva or an online CV platform, the easiest way is to share access.

We also offer proofreading of cover letters, an essential complement to a good CV when applying for a job.

Who are the error-free CV editors? relies on two types of expertise.

  • Editorial and DTP professionals (journalists, authors, translators, editorial secretaries, public writers, graphic designers, formatting specialists)

  • Human resources professionals (guidance counselors, HR managers, recruitment agencies, outplacement specialists)

Who are our customers?

Our specialists proofread all types of CV: experienced executive or recent graduate CVs, professional CVs, classic CVs, student CVs, CVs for unsolicited applications or in response to a request from a recruitment agency.

Which CV creation tools do we use?

Our most creative customers sometimes use Photoshop to be original and make a beautiful CV. Black and white resumes, graphic resumes, design resumes or minimalist resumes, we adapt!

Here are the tools we accept to create a CV:

  • Microsoft Word (Microsoft Office suite)

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Apple Pages

  • Apple Keynote

  • Adobe Photoshop (PSD)

  • Illustrator

  • Open-Office

  • LibreOffice

  • InDesign

  • QuarkXPress

We accept all forms of documents!

Why entrust CV correction to our proofreading service?

The CVs no-fault guarantee: satisfied or satisfied!

Because making an effective CV isn't enough to find a job. Together, we'll make your best CV to help you in your job search.

Behind the CVsansfaute platform, there are not only tools, but also people to talk to.

At any time you can :

  • Call us on a traditional telephone

  • Chat via WhatsApp or integrated chat

  • Send us an e-mail

What we don't do:

  • Sell curriculum vitae templates: there are plenty you can download for free

  • Disclosing personal information: it's the law and we're okay with it

  • Give you examples of resumes, because it's rarely relevant

  • Video CV correction, unless you ask us to do so before recording

What we can do too: