CV coaching, 5 reasons to get help

Coaching for a successful CV?

CV coaching is much more than just writing. It is a human resources function, requiring a career management specialist with strong writing skills. CV coaching is a crucial support process for creating an optimised CV that is compatible with application tracking systems (ATS) and effective for a successful interview. Accepting help and investing in a CV coach means maximising your chances of success by overcoming cognitive biases, revealing your skills and leaving a memorable impression.

CV coaching to support you

From writing to the perfect CV

LinkedIn's core business of "digital careerism" doesn't necessarily apply to you, and you're probably not the best ambassador for yourself.

CV writing is a difficult but essential exercise. There are many sites that allow you to make your CV, some more expensive than others. Their aim is to attract jobseekers with free CV templates, and then to get you to pay by selling you what you think is an original CV template. Unfortunately, "free CV templates" are the most popular, but that's no guarantee of a good CV. You'll also find lots of advice on how to make your CV, which is often contradictory! And for good reason: there is no such thing as a Perfect CVThe only successful CV is one that gets you noticed and selected by a recruiter. That's why you need to tailor your CV to each job advert or target position. You can get help to do this.

Write the Perfect CV Especially when you're "in career transition", it's like filling the Danaides' barrel. The Word CV you've been adapting since the first version looks less and less like you as you progress in your career. Multiple and heterogeneous experiences, opportunistic internships, professional misdirections, mistakes along the way, non-renewed trial periods are all reasons to doubt the coherence of your career path. So, when it comes to applying for the job of your dreams, it's up to you to select from your curriculum vitae what will legitimise your application the job you want. This is where your CV coach can help.

Who is CV coaching for?

The public concerned covers the whole range of candidates.

  1. Students or recent graduates, looking for an internship or their first job,
  2. Professionals in transition or retraining who want to restructure their CV to highlight their transferable skills,
  3. Managers or executives wishing to highlight their leadership skills
  4. Jobseekers looking to adapt their CVs to the specific requirements of the job in question
  5. Freelancers and self-employed people wishing to consolidate different experiences to demonstrate the coherence of their career path
  6. People returning to work who want to update their CVs
  7. Foreign candidates applying for a job in France

So why use a CV coach?

The role of CV coaching is to determine what in your professional experience brings you closer to your dream job and to help you. It's more a human resources discipline than a document-writing one. The ideal CV coach is therefore a specialist in employment and career management. However, a good CV coach should have good writing skills and proven recruitment experience.

How does CV writing coaching work?

The first stage is a conversation with the candidate. This is a dialogue to find out their objectives, if not to determine them. An examination of your existing CV will help to determine its strengths and weaknesses in relation to the objective under discussion.

Secondly, that it will be possible to carry out the suggested modifications to optimise the contentstructure and style. At the same time, the aim is to highlight the candidate's achievements and key skills, in line with the requirements of the job in question.

Thirdly, we will carefully proofread the CV to determine whether it highlights the candidate's qualities. In particular, we will make sure that the CV is compatible with an application tracking system (ATS) to ensure that it is easy to read.

Finally, the dialogue will resume with the candidate to enable them to look forward calmly to an interview for which they will be prepared. We'll give them advice on how to approach the questions they're most apprehensive about, and tips on how to build their confidence. Whether it's their professional experience or more personal aspects, the aim is to highlight everything that will help them to showcase their qualities.

The effects of successful CV coaching?

Good support in writing your CV is the promise of a :

- in which all your assets are highlighted,
- that gets the right message across and reflects your potential,
- positive and punchy, in that it won't play down your skills,
- that will showcase your achievements to best effect,
- will put a name to the skills you have developed without being able to name them.

Why trust a CV coach?

  1. To make your CV a major asset, take advantage of an objective outside view that will highlight your skills and experience. You'll be rid of the prejudices that prevent you from presenting yourself clearly.
  2. The first information you receive has a lasting impact on the recruiter's decision. By relying on the experience of a professional, you can maximise your chances of success by fine-tuning the first impression your CV makes on your reader.
  3. Overconfidence in your own skills can lead you to overlook details that are crucial to catching employers' attention. A CV coach will help you to assess your skills realistically, highlighting what really convinces employers.
  4. Is there a natural tendency to save rather than invest to take advantage of possible gains? Investing in a CV coach means investing in the construction of a CV that will give you access to professional opportunities you hadn't even thought of.
  5. A CV coach helps you to present yourself in a memorable way and leave your potential employer with a clear memory of your profile. This is vital if you are to stand out from the crowd.