What file name should I use for my CV or covering letter?

Please! Avoid naming your CV CV.PDF!

Naming an object wrongly adds to the unhappiness of this world "said Camus. Of course, the author of "L'étranger" wasn't talking about your CV in PDF format or your letter of motivationBut that's how he left his mark on the memory of his contemporaries. So, what file name should I use for my CV or cover letter? Take inspiration from this example when you send recruiters the file you've already spent long hours working on, following our advice. 10 free writing tips.

What file name should I use for my CV or covering letter?
What file name should I use for my CV or covering letter?

How can you save the recruiter time?

For a recruiter, the file name must be unambiguous and must answer the following questions:

  • Which document?
  • Which candidate?
  • For which position?

Indicate the nature of the document sent

If it is a Curriculum Vitae or a covering letter, you can remove any ambiguity by prefixing CV or LM, or even CVLM, if you are sending a full application.

Please state your marital status

Then specify at least your surname and possibly your first name. This personal information is essential for finding your document quickly.

In this case, use the formula CV_Frenom_NOM, which has the advantage of making your application more personal by reminding you that you are first and foremost an individual.

For once, forget the accents

Avoid using accents, diacritical characters and other special characters in the file name, as these may prevent access and seriously compromise your chances of getting a job interview.

Indicate the position you are applying for

Finally, give a concise reminder the position you wish to apply forIf possible, use the recruiter's language. If you're an engineer by training, but you've been offered a management position, for example, use the term "operations manager" found in the ad's keywords, rather than the word "engineer". This is a clever way of projecting yourself into the job.

This is not always possible when making an unsolicited application. In this case, have a look at the job offers in the "We're recruiting" sections of this website. line of business and the vocabulary used by these employers to write them.

CV name template


Professional advice

If you can, combine your CV and covering letter in the same document. It's logical, because you can't have one without the other, but it's also very practical for the recruiter, who won't have to waste time collecting the original documents in order to print them out or pass them on to a colleague.

One advert can generate hundreds of applications, so imagine what the recruitment file might look like on the computer of a talent detective who sifts through hundreds of CVs every day. With 2 files per candidate, that's twice as many documents to process!

One last precaution before sending your CV, especially if it is in Word format. Print it out to check that the layout and fonts have been retained. Above all, don't hesitate to have it proofread by someone you know, or by a friend. entrust the correction of your CV to professionals.

Our favourite persona, Raphaëlle DESROCHES, will send in her application, naming her :

" CVLM_Raphaelle_DESROCHES_Marketing_Responsible.pdf ".

The famous Jacques Martin could have sent his CV in the form :

" CV_Jacques_MARTIN_Animateur_producteur_realisateur_TV.pdf ".

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