CVs and cover letters: passports to employment

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Whether you need to find a job or simply want a change, if your job search isn't going well, it's because your CV isn't perfect. It's time to revamp your CV and letter of motivation !

CV template or blank page?

It's the key to a new job. But how to make a good CV ? Start with a CV template or a blank page, but personalize it according to the position you're applying for. And above all, go straight to the point. Recruiters need to find what they're looking for!

Take an introspective look at yourself and write your CV with a retrospective view of the course of your life, your "curriculum vitae".

Orient your career path by omitting certain experiences, and keep it concise: an executive will only mention his distant fast-food experience if he's applying for a job as a department manager. marketing of the brand in question!

But making a good application also means practicing a forward-looking vision that you'll need to share with your next employer.

A well-crafted CV is not enough!

Complement your CV with an original cover letter and reassure your contacts. Emphasize your behavioral skills: empathy, confidence, creativity, ability to withstand stress, to make decisions, to plan, sense of teamwork, decision-making or innovation, etc. À technical skills equal, these soft skills will make all the difference!

The language of others, between jargon and keywords

Cover letter or the perfect CV have no ideal model. Instead, write in a boilerplate style, choosing the key words that will grab your reader's attention. For unsolicited applications, personalize these documents to give yourself the best chance of being selected. In short, you need to stand out from the crowd. To achieve this, speak the other person's language: it's the surest way both to be understood and to be recognized as sharing the same DNA. The jargon of a profession contributes greatly to its identity. You can't ignore it, but don't overuse it.

Quality first!

That's how much care you need to take when writing these documents. Not only do you have to be attractive in terms of content, but you also have to make sure that the form is just right. Imagine the disastrous effect of a CV or cover letter riddled with spelling mistakes! Passing between the forks of a search engine, a recruitment agency or a human resources department is already quite a feat...

Don't waste your precious chance to convince your future employer! Have your CV and cover letter proofread by a professional!

But what can you expect from a CV professional?

Ugood application doesn't stand on its own. It represents the values you embody. Neglect either content or form, and you'll end up with an image that's at odds with what you want to put forward. By entrusting the proofreading of your application to a professional, you'll wipe out any carelessness, syntax, typographical conventions, spelling or grammatical errors. Failing that, use a good antidote. It'll do you a lot of good, but it's never a panacea!

Avoid the wastebasket!

A flowing text will encourage the recruiter to read you, and keep you out of the recycle garbage can at first glance.

You're not a champion speller ? Above all, you'll give the impression of a humble professional who knows how to rely on others to do a flawless job.

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