How to create a good marketing CV

Do you work or want to work in marketing? Your CV needs to show it!

If there's one business sector where creativity and the visual dominate, it's the marketing.

Create the perfect marketing CV, visually appealing and clearly highlighting your skills, professional background, qualities and qualifications. An effective CV should say who you are and what you can do.

The design of a good marketing CV

Visibility, clarity, consistency

A great design will make you stand out from the crowd.

All the elements of your profile should be clearly visible, to help the recruiter quickly spot your potential among all the applications. Combine and distribute colours skilfully to make them easier to read. Place your blocks of text carefully to give your CV plenty of space. Choose a suitable font, whether classic or more daring, but make sure it is easy on the eye and easy to read. Add visual elements (photos, logos, icons) that blend harmoniously into your page.

A neat, modern layout shows not only your aesthetic sense, but also your organisational skills and your ability to convince and convey a message.

To sum up:

- All elements must be clearly visible;

- Take care with the choice and harmony of colours;

- Make the headings in your CV clearer and more balanced;

- Choose a suitable font;

- Add eloquent visual elements.

The content of a marketing CV

What should you put on your CV to stand out from the crowd?

Ideally, it should fit on one page.

The hook of an effective marketing CV

The catchphrase is your slogan, so to speak. The aim is to arouse curiosity: the person in charge of recruitment must want to read your CV.

Highlight your strengths and what makes your application stand out in relation to the target job. You need to persuade your reader!

3 tips for a successful teaser :

- Be concise: tell us the essentials about yourself and use the keywords from the advert.

- Place the teaser at the top, separate from the other sections.

- Make the text bold or increase the font size.

Your professional experience

Start with your most recent professional experience. Even if this anti-chronological order doesn't seem logical at first, you need to save the recruiter time. It's better for them to see the most recent information first!

Remember that they will only spend a few seconds looking at your CV, and that they will be mainly interested in your professional experience and skills.

Don't forget to mention a few figures and cite targets achieved to show that you have a results-oriented culture.

Your skills

List the skills that best match the profile you're looking for, the job offer or the position you're applying for.

The choice of vocabulary is important and should reflect your specialisation: digital marketing, event marketing, communication, operational marketing, etc. The marketing and advertising professions are varied.

Tell us about your most outstanding successes, whether in content creation (newsletters, blog articles, videos, white papers, visuals, etc.), marketing strategy, social media, managing a marketing team, performance management, etc.

If this is your first jobMake the most of your work placements and skills.

As well as your professional aptitudes and technical skills, your "soft-skills" will also make the difference in getting the job. This behavioural knowledge is closely scrutinised during a job interview.

The 5 soft skills to focus on:

- Creativity ;

- Team spirit ;

- Organisation;

- Flexibility ;

- Sense of initiative.

The little extras that make all the difference :

- Your interest in new technologies ;

- Your personality ;

- Good interpersonal skills ;

- Your passion.

A good marketing CV will bring them out.

Now that your CV is ready, all you have to do is write the cover letter to apply. Don't forget to add your CV to your LinkedIn profile for greater visibility and to put all the chances on your side in your job search.

Oh, and one last thing: before you convert it to PDF format, make sure that your CV is written without mistakes, with a clear impeccable spelling. It's an essential criterion for employability!

Many sites offer advice on creating a modern CV or CV templates to download. You're sure to find an original CV that reflects your personality and skills, and helps you attract the attention of recruiters.

Additional tips for creating a powerful marketing CV

In the marketing industry, creating a striking CV is of paramount importance. With its visual and creative aspect, this sector requires candidates to showcase their skills, career path, qualities and qualifications in a convincing way. An effective CV should reflect your professional identity and demonstrate your skills. This text will explore the key elements for creating a marketing CV that stands out and grabs the attention of recruiters, offering practical advice on how to maximise the impact of your CV.

Personalising your CV

When applying for a job in marketing, it's essential to tailor your CV to the position you're looking for and the company you're targeting. Analyse the job advertisement carefully and identify the skills and qualities you are looking for. Then adapt your CV by highlighting the experience and achievements that best match these expectations. Show the employer that you understand their specific needs and that you have the skills to meet them. This personalisation will demonstrate your commitment and interest in the job, which is always appreciated by recruiters.

CV structure

Structure plays a crucial role in creating an effective marketing CV. In addition to the elements mentioned above, be sure to include a section dedicated to your training and certifications. The field of marketing evolves rapidly, and it's important to show that you're up to date with the latest trends and skills. Mention the relevant training courses you've taken, the certifications you've obtained and the specific skills you've developed as a result. This will demonstrate your commitment to continuous improvement and your desire to stay at the cutting edge of your field.

Highlighting achievements

When describing your professional experience on your CV, don't just list your responsibilities. Highlight your achievements and concrete results. Employers want to know how you have contributed to the success of projects and campaigns. Mention figures, objectives achieved, specific projects you have worked on and the results obtained. This will demonstrate your ability to generate tangible results and add real value to the company. Don't hesitate to use key performance indicators (KPIs) to quantify your achievements.


Cover letter and visibility on LinkedIn

A good CV goes hand in hand with a convincing covering letter. The cover letter allows you to expand on your background, your motivations and your interest in the job. Use it as an opportunity to show your enthusiasm and understanding of the marketing sector. Personalise your letter by making links between your past experience and the company's needs. Highlight your creativity, team spirit, organisation, flexibility and sense of initiative, which are soft skills in demand in the marketing field.
Finally, to increase your visibility and maximise your chances of finding a job in marketing, don't forget to add your CV to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a professional platform widely used by recruiters and employers in the sector. Make sure your profile is complete and up to date, and add a short description that highlights your key skills and achievements. Don't hesitate to join groups and interact with other marketing professionals to expand your network.

The keys to a powerful marketing CV

Creating a powerful marketing CV It takes time and attention to detail, but it's worth it. By personalising your CV, highlighting your achievements and writing a compelling cover letter, you'll increase your chances of attracting the attention of recruiters and landing a job interview. Don't forget to use LinkedIn to increase your visibility and continue to develop your marketing skills and expertise. With a well-designed CV and a focused approach, you'll be ready to seize the opportunities that present themselves in the exciting world of marketing.

About this article

This guide will help you write a powerful CV and cover letter to attract the attention of recruiters in the marketing field. Whether you're looking for a specific job or sending an unsolicited application, it's essential to highlight your professional experience, your career plans and your personality in order to stand out from the crowd.

To begin with, concentrate on writing a neat and attractive curriculum vitae (CV). Highlight your skills, professional background and qualifications relevant to the job offer. Make sure you choose a clear, well-structured layout to make it easier for recruiters to read. Use keywords relevant to the marketing sector, such as "recruiter", "job vacancy" and "professional experience".

The headline on your CV is crucial to attracting the interest of recruiters. It should be concise and captivating, using the key words from the job advert or vacancy. Highlight your skills and qualifications that match the recruiter's expectations. Use terms such as "apply", "career plan" and "unsolicited application" to show your interest and commitment.

As far as the covering letter is concerned, personalise your message according to the recipient and the company. Explain your motivations, your interest in the marketing sector and your enthusiasm at the idea of working for the target company. Use appropriate polite phrases and mention your desire to attend a job interview to discuss your application in more detail. Don't forget to mention key words such as "job interview", "motivations" and "sector of activity".

It is also important to highlight your strengths in your CV and covering letter. Highlight your relevant professional experience, mentioning specific achievements and concrete results. Use examples of the projects you have worked on and the skills you have developed in the field of marketing.

Pour conclure votre lettre de motivation, utilisez une formule de politesse adaptée, telle que « salutations » ou « formule de politesse ». Relisez attentivement votre CV et votre lettre pour vous assurer qu’ils sont exempts de spelling mistakes et de grammaire. Utilisez des modèles de lettres de motivation disponibles en ligne pour vous inspirer et vous aider à structurer votre lettre.

In short, to maximise your chances of success in your marketing job search, make sure you write a powerful CV and covering letter. Highlight your professional experience, your career plans and your personality. Tailor your application to the job vacancy, using keywords such as "recruiter", "apply" and "professional experience". With careful preparation and a convincing presentation, you'll be well on your way to landing the job of your dreams.

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