Correction of cover letters in French


Because you only get one chance to make a good first impression! Avoid the clichéd cover letter and give yourself the best chance of success by calling on the services of professional writers with an HR vision.


Why entrust us with the correction of your cover letter?

Spelling, a criterion for employability

Did you know?
The education and training sectors, as well as companies, are now strongly encouraging their students and candidates to have their skills certified. level of mastery of the French language.
For an employee, a lack of proficiency in written or oral expression can seriously hinder their career development.
The stakes are high for companies in terms of their image, both internally and in relation to their customers.
If the Le Robert or Voltaire certification is not for you, make sure you don't leave yourself open to criticism about your French.

The perfect covering letter, the key to securing a job interview

The cover letter is the essential complement to the curriculum vitae, especially in the case of an unsolicited application. It is the letter that gives a recruiter an initial impression of the candidate behind the curriculum vitae. This is all the more true as the format of CVs has tended to evolve in recent years in favour of a one-page Design CV, which is more concise than a traditional CV. Twitter isn't the only place for short CVs! Fortunately, a personalised covering letter is a better way of expressing your desire to join a potential employer.

Zero spelling mistakes, the ABCs of written expression

The first impression made by your CV should not be spoiled by a badly written covering letter full of typos. Even if your recruiter isn't a "spelling sniper" or even a pupil of Bernard Pivot, it sometimes only takes one wrong character to throw the reader off your prose. At the second or third mistake, recruitment could turn into an error hunt or worse, a game of basketball with a crumpled CV 🙁
If you had passed the first stages of the recruitment process without a hitch, the lack of consideration and basic correctness that emanates from your application would be perceived as unforgivable thoughtlessness. You will go from "Yes, maybe" to "Yes, but" or "No".
In fact, holding a Master's degree and making spelling mistakes on basic rules learned in CE2 is no longer an option, as revealed by the IPSOS study on employers' expectations published in October 2021. The survey also makes fun of the fact that people who don't even speak French as their mother tongue are supposed to have a good command of English!

Need a proofreading express cover letters ?

If you are aware that it is possible to make a fatal mistake, whatever your level of spelling, you will have understood the importance of having your text proofread. No one is infallible. Spouses, friends or even colleagues can help you. Of course, they do not offer the guarantee of a professional proofreading service. Having your covering letter proofread by CVsansfaute, for example, can be an excellent investment!

Look after your e-reputation and credibility

At the very least, make sure that your LinkedIn profile matches that of the author of the cover letter. "Google yourself to see how you appear in public. The discrepancy between the image conveyed by one and the other could be fatal. Be irreproachable on both media! Know how to attract attention without attracting annoyance.

What is cover letter proofreading?

Our proofreaders will naturally be on the hunt:

  • spelling and grammatical errors

  • syntax errors

  • typos and other typographical problems

  • stylistic clumsiness and incorrect expressions

  • to solecisms and excessive jargon

They will also make any necessary adjustments:

  • the register of language used

  • the vocabulary used in line with the ad text

  • simple turns of phrase

  • readability of the wording

  • clarity of speech

Checklist for a good covering letter

The best cover letter should have all or some of the following characteristics:

  • the presentation must be impeccable, sober, airy and legible

  • the letter must be short and punchy

  • your sales pitch must be tailored to the job advert or position you are applying for

  • the covering letter must complement your CV

  • the letter shows that you meet the company's needs

  • the text shows what you can bring to the company

  • you need to demonstrate your ability to grasp the challenges of the job

  • we need to see your ability to project yourself into the position you are applying for

  • concrete, quantified and consistent examples are needed

  • the text of the letter must reveal your interest in and knowledge of the company, its competitors and its environment

  • you need to show that your career plan is consistent with yours

  • the letter must end with a request for an interview

The ultimate goal: to stand out from the crowd and get an interview
Writing a letter that ticks all these boxes will help you stand out from the crowd and convince recruiters to meet you.

Value-added proofreading and correction!

At CVsansfaute, no sector of activity is overlooked:

  • sales and marketing

  • engineering and IT professions

  • research and industry

  • the digital world and digital service companies (DSCs)

  • publishing professions

  • digital leisure professions

  • the world of communications and social networks

On formatting

The style of your letter should remain sober and elegant, unless you are a particularly creative designer:

  • Use a simple font such as Helvetica

  • There must be a limited number of fonts

  • The layout must be harmonious

  • Keep paragraphs well separated

  • There can't be too many icons


Your personality and achievements are your strengths. Except for a first job, they must be reflected in a coherent career path.
We'll check that your application is a good match for your LinkedIn profile.

How is the correction carried out?

Upload your cover letter using the word processing software of your choice ( preferably Microsoft Office, extension .doc or docx).

  • We retrieve it and make the corrections, usually in a Word file. In return, we send you a pdf file and a file in MS-Word format that you can edit later.)

  • On request, we can provide you with a file showing the revision marks.

If you use an online graphics platform like Canva to stand out from the crowd, you'll need to allow us access without registration.

Who are the error-free CV editors? relies on experts:

  • Human Resources profiles with skills acquired in the workplace

  • freelancers, public or professional writers, graphic designers or DTP operators with proven technical skills

The profile of our customers

Whether you're a young person looking for a student job or your first job, a recent graduate in search of your dream job or an experienced professional who has recently registered with Pôle Emploi, sooner or later we all have to deal with the job market. Sending a letter without having it proofread is the typical mistake made by those starting out in working life!

No-fault CV motivation

Our success is our customers' satisfaction!
CVsansfaute isn't just a website. Behind the shop window, there are people offering personalised advice as part of a premium service, not a keyword generator or a chatbot!

That's why we'll always be available:

  • by email (contact @

  • on our website chat

  • or by phone / WhatsApp (+ 33 7 81 51 20 20)

A few tips for writing a covering letter

  • read and re-read the job advertisement you are applying for

  • covering letter and CV must mention the position offered in the same way as the advertisement

  • Don't forget to highlight your professional experience and qualifications in relation to the post to be filled.

  • take care with your greetings, if possible according to the person you are addressing
    before attaching a cover letter, convert it to PDF format

  • If your letter of application is in the form of a cover letter, avoid any attachments such as a portfolio to avoid the risk of the email being "spammed".

What we don't do:

  • sell examples of cover letters, as you can find free templates in just a few clicks on the Internet

  • selling personal information: we don't agree with that

  • provide you with sample covering letters, as these are rarely relevant

  • attract our customers with downloadable content: free templates are far from being the best templates

What we can also do: