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Professional CV proofreading service
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"I recommend 🙂 ! like many young people, we're just starting out in working life and we don't want to miss out on our first cover letters and CVs, Nicolas knew how to be very responsive, you can feel the human side. What's more, they know how to give us invaluable advice and put a lot of effort into their work to make sure we get the best possible results. content quality. Thank you."

- Cindy B., student

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CVsansfaute is the story of twins!

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Entering translation as one enters religion, the brothers simultaneously pursued a career in multilingual publishing of entertainment software for demanding customers such as Microsoft, EA and Mattel.

Sylvain has recruited numerous technical and literary profiles for the creation of multimedia titles, leisure and educational software. As for Nicolas, he recruited linguists, translators, editors and project managers specialized in adapting video games for the international market. Given the sheer number of applications for the same vacancy, it has to be admitted that some CVs fell by the wayside because they were not legible (grammatical, spelling or syntactic errors), even though they probably represented a pool of qualified personnel: some candidates lost out on opportunities because they had clearly not taken the trouble to check the content of their CVs...

But therein lies the paradox: a candidate's self-confidence and intrinsic qualities do not make him or her the best candidate. A natural tendency to overestimate one's ability to write well is a sign of self-confidence, but it can also be perceived as an indication of individualism or a lack of confidence in others, which can be a major drawback when team spirit takes precedence over individual qualities.

Make a Perfect CV to find a job is to give yourself every chance of making the most of your career and getting a job interview. What polite phrase should I use when applying for a job? How do you ask for a job interview? Many answers to these questions can be found in the advice section

Whether you're applying for a work-study program, a summer job or even an internship, you need to find the perfect CV template, then adapt it to your target position and profile. Last but not least, it's a good idea to go through an online spelling and grammar checker. But is this enough to eliminate all mistakes and make it through the first stage of recruitment and onto the shortlist?

The best proofreading tools will never replace the trained eye of a professional when it comes to judging the quality of your curriculum vitae and its suitability for the job in question. Proofreading and correction services are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. Trusting a third party to proofread your CV or letter of motivationIt also means recognizing that even with Thomas Pesquet's CV, we can keep our feet on the ground!

It was this observation that led the twins to propose a professional CV proofreading service aimed at correcting your cover letters too, to give you every chance of making the most of your career. Having your CV made is no longer a luxury! is now the essential online CV writing and proofreading service for a tailor-made CV!