Proofreading and correction of job applications in French


Complete revision of your application: CV and cover letter


Did you know?

Is a cover letter essential?

Writing a relevant cover letter and CV is essential, despite the increasing use of recruitment tools that artificially analyze the keywords present in these documents.

The absence of a cover letter can be detrimental when there is strong competition between candidates. Submitting only a CV without a cover letter can give the recruiter the impression of a lack of self-confidence, or even a certain arrogance, which risks putting the application at the bottom of the pile.

How to humanize your application?

Humanize your application by adding a few words that will arouse the recruiter's interest and make him or her want to meet you. Applying for a job is also about seduction!

How long is a job application?

Even if you don't have to provide a file as long as a dissertation, applying for any kind of job requires a professional approach. The least you can do, whether you're applying spontaneously, applying for an internship or responding to a job offer, is to attach a cover letter to your CV.

Like Parcoursup, which asks students to express their career wishes in writing, job applicants are generally required to provide a curriculum vitae and justify their willingness to collaborate.

It's an exercise in writing skills and professional presentation. Your employer will expect you to present yourself impeccably, without spelling mistakes or typing errors, not because you're an expert in spelling or grammar, but because you've taken the time to prepare your application properly.

In any case, have your application proofread!

 Whether it's a friend, a family member or a professional proofreader, someone will certainly have carefully proofread your application. Unless you're aiming for a job as an editorial secretary, your employer won't expect impeccable spelling from you. However, they will appreciate the care you've taken in choosing a proofreader from among your family and friends, or in calling on the services of a professional writer. This will tell them more about you than your CV alone, and may well convince them to invite you for an interview!

Increase your chances of being recruited

To maximize your chances of success when applying for a job, don't overlook the importance of professional proofreading and editing of your cover letter. Proofreading your CV and cover letter can make all the difference to your career. Entrust your document to proofreading experts who will edit your CV and cover letter. Their professional proofreading services guarantee a significant improvement in the editorial quality of your texts, the elimination of spelling mistakes and the optimal enhancement of your application. Don't let errors or awkward wording detract from the impact of your cover letter. Call on professional CV and cover letter proofreading and editing services to present a flawless, convincing document to recruiters. Would you like to add a new dimension to your application? Opt for CV and cover letter correction and let the experts guide you to success!